MNC Relationship Manager

Employment contract:

Standard / Permanent


Taipei, Taiwan (Province of China)





1. Business Development

▪ Define, develop and implement business strategy with EMEA, US and Asian pilots as well as within the APAC MNC team to complement and enhance MNC franchise, gain wallet shares, both locally and regionally.

▪ Responsible for origination of all CIB products, and to coordinate and drive mobilization of all Business Line resources.

2. Profitability

▪ Negotiate the best conditions and / or obtain considerations with good market knowledge.

▪ Increase the Bank’s income sources by cross selling to enhance RoRWA.

▪ Meet Budget target.

3. Portfolio Management

▪ Frequency of visits tailored to client’s business risk and opportunity profile, followed by call memos.

▪ Proper preparation and presentation of credit proposal and reports related to the commitment within the prescribed time.

▪ Vigilance (anticipation of risk factors) and reaction to risk. Immediate feedback of relevant information.

▪ Responsible for perfecting security and legal documentation of the file.

▪ Monitoring of credit limits and transactions with support from business lines and functions.

4. File Analysis

▪ Confirmed risk judgment.

▪ Perfect understanding of the client’s risk profile, including economic, sector and operating cycle.

▪ Comprehensive and relevant documentation of proposals.

▪ 5. Client Service

▪ Be fully aware of the needs of clients and prospects.

▪ Answer these needs in accordance with BNPP’s strategic orientations: find a balance between client requests and the requirements and goals of the Bank.

▪ Credibility: fulfilling commitments and meeting deadlines.

▪ Communication: reliable, rapid and clear.

6. Representation

   ▪ Regular participation in activities providing external visibility (e.g. seminar or client’s event).

7. Management of the Team

   ▪ Lead and ensure the smooth functioning of the Team.

   ▪ Maintain high team spirit within the Team, the Corporate Coverage Group and the Bank.

8. Control Aspects

▪ Direct contribution to BNPP operational permanent control framework.

▪ Contribute to the implementation of operational permanent control policies and procedures in day-to-day business activities, such as Control Plan

▪ Comply with regulatory requirements and internal guidelines                                                     

▪ Contribute to the reporting of all incidents according to the Incident Management System.

▪ Ensure compliance with Bank’s policies/procedures and regulatory requirements, in particular with regards to the KYC responsibilities and duties, as per relevant policies and procedures, and the summary of responsibilities list attached hereto

9. The RM, when acting as SBO

–         must initiate the KYC on boarding process and is responsible to collect the KYC data (with support of the appropriate teams in charge of due diligence);

–         is primarily responsible for ensuring that customer due diligence has been completed to a satisfactory standard, and is kept up-to-date;

–         makes an assessment whether starting a new relationship or maintaining an existing relationship with a customer is appropriate, in respect of the reputation and the money laundering/terrorist financing/sanctions risks, irrespective of the possible type of business the customer is currently doing or intends to do with the bank. This assessment must be formalized in writing in the KYC package (qualitative SBO opinion describing the risks and their mitigants is mandatory in all cases);

–         uses the KYC scoring grid and his/her judgment to determine the sensitivity, assisted by the teams in charge of due diligence.  He/she provides the teams in charge of due diligence with the knowledge/details they need when contacts with customers is required;

–         submits the customer’s KYC file to the CAC (Customer Acceptance Committee), as may be required, and provides the CAC with all information and documentation it may require;

–         contributes to assess the relevance and appropriateness of offering and/or maintaining certain products and services of the Bank in view of the risk profile of the customer; 

–         contributes to the detection of any unusual and/or suspicious transactions by his/her customer with due reporting to a Compliance Officer;

–          and employs his/her best efforts to maintain a thorough knowledge of his/her customer from available documentary sources and regular direct contacts with them.

–         finally, he/she must keep the KYC up-to date in accordance with the Bank’s standards. In particular, he/she must trigger an ad-hoc review as soon as necessary, notably in case of becoming aware of any material adverse information in connection with any of their customers in the field of AML-CTF, in accordance with the relevant KYC policies and procedures.

▪ Minimum 8 years of relevant experience in banking industry

▪ Strong communication both in English and Chinese

▪ Strong knowledge of corporate banking market

▪ Strong KYC, documentation, products knowledge and credit skills

▪ MNC Relationship Manager experience would be preferable