Information Technology

At CIB, technology is at the heart of the solutions we offer our clients. Information Technology (IT) teams work  across all business lines to deliver technological solutions that cater for internal and external needs. ​

IT teams are the front end of development, design and management of the tools, platforms and processes to support BNP Paribas operations and internal functions, liaising with external partners when needed. IT teams work across all business lines and regions, working locally and globally.

Careers in IT range from data scientists and developers to designers and technicians. Our IT teams work in broad areas such as:​

  • Front office technology​
  • Core technology​
  • Middle and back office technology​
  • Infrastructure ​
  • Business analysis​
  • Project management and data science ​
  • Transformation 

Teams also work on the development of tools for trading or pricing engines, the development of frameworks, the creation of technical strategy, the use of processing language & AI for internal tools (compliance management, capital management, etc.), cybersecurity & cloud computing, project management and data analysis and management.

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