Global Banking Graduate Programme



Discover our careers in Investment Banking
and make your mark at BNP Paribas CIB

We have opportunities in the following countries​

1. Job rotations to discover your career path​

You will do a first job rotation in France, followed by a second rotation in Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy or Sweden (depending on your hiring country)​.

You will also rotate business lines, with one rotation in Mergers & Acquisitions, Advisory and one in capital raising activities, such as Capital Markets, Real Assets and more.

2. Learning and networking opportunities
  • Benefit from our Investment Banking Academy
  • Foster a valuable pan-European, cross-business experience across BNP Paribas investment banking activities
  • Join an international cohort
3. Career development support
  • Gain valuable skills and experience 
  • You will be assigned a buddy from day one
  • Each intake is sponsored by senior leader
  • Dedicated career support from HR
  • Pathways to senior investment banking roles
Join BNP Paribas as part of one of two yearly intakes, on a permanent contract: one in March 2023 and one in September 2023
Have an international exposure 

With our 12 months pan-European programme offering country & business rotation every 6 months.

Become highly visible 

Entering the leading path for Junior talent sourcing of BNP Paribas investment banking activities (Advisory and Capital Markets).

Maximize networking opportunities 

Fostering a valuable pan-European and cross-business experience and being part of a group of international talents. 

Get your career off to a flying start

With privileged Global Banking opportunities at the end of the programme, you are Analyst 2, leading path to senior investment banking roles.

Benefit from our best class training 

Our Investment Banking Academy will offer you outstanding technical training and soft skills development.

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Who are our Global Banking EMEA 2022 graduates?

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Who can apply?

Students with a corporate finance background and a maximum of two years’ experience post-graduation.

Not quite ready for our graduate programme?

Explore our internships opportunities, offering a chance to explore careers in finance, with the possibility to progress to a full-time role on one of our Graduate Programmes. 

Our recruitment process

1. Online application

Two cohorts per year: one in March and one in September. Recruitment starts approximately six months before.

2. HR assessment

Individual interviews and group tests.

3. Technical assessment

Two technical interviews including case studies and Q&As.

4. Interviews with seniors

Two interviews with senior experts from Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory and Capital Markets.