Global Markets

Global Markets (GM) delivers industry-leading solutions across asset classes for clients including institutions, corporates, private banks and retail distribution networks​

We offer derivatives solutions, strong financing and balance sheet capabilities, stability and commitment to consistent client service and markets for the long term. Global Markets encompasses three core business lines.

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Global Equities

The bank is a leading provider in Global Equities, leveraging on a long-established track record in equity derivatives, along with the migration of Deutsche Bank’s Global Prime Finance and Electronic Equities business and the acquisition of Exane. The three complementary businesses – prime services, equity derivatives and cash equities research and execution – work together to provide clients with the full spectrum of services to fulfil their investment, financing and execution objectives.

Global Credit

We provide solutions to clients from origination through execution to secondary market trading and post trade services, throughout the entire credit continuum. The global credit business enables us to realise synergies while maintaining strict boundaries between the private and public sides.

Global Macro

Global Macro offers, across the full spectrum of developed and emerging markets, foreign exchange, interest rates and commodities products. These range from durable high-touch solutions to millisecond electronic trading, supported by the most advanced artificial intelligence platforms.

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