Consulting & Transformation

Our in-house Consulting and Transformation teams combine a broad skill base with knowledge of CIB’s integrated banking services to help deliver transformative projects across business lines.​

A career in Consulting and Transformation offers you an opportunity to shape the future of our business.​

As an in-house consultant, you will work on a wide range projects in areas such as strategy, operational efficiency, sustainable, digital, data analytics – to name a few – as well as monitor the actual impact of our business transformation strategy.  Projects will span business lines and geographies, giving you the chance to work directly with clients and senior leaders, and build a strong internal network. ​

​You will build a broad skill base, learning how to anticipate and help influence the business decision-making process. You will also have access to development opportunities and specific training pathways, designed to help you rapidly learn industry best practice and important methodologies. Teams are usually specialised by expertise, by business line and/or region.

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